Well it’s week 2 of the Big 10…..Perdue in Lincoln.

Wow what a deal up in Ann arbor at the big house…..seriously if we still had the old staff here I would have automatically wrote this game off based just on how badly we played under Mike Riley…..and the way we closed out last season.

Seriously last October while sitting in one of our side by side’s waiting for a client to either come out or call me that he had filled his tag I did some peaking ahead at this season’s murderers row of a schedule and thought then we would be lucky to win 4 games total……little did I know then how far things had already progressed into bringing us back to where we belong.

So in came Scott Frost and the Frost Warnings went up…..and to a degree I too got caught up in the good old days and euphoria of the changes that were more or less being un done and put back to where they should have remained all this time…..I looked at our schedule again after the Spring Game and then this early fall started to think…..”wow if we can win all 3 of our non-conference games and go into Michigan with the confidence of being 3-0 under our belt…..shoot fire…..we got Ohio St. at the Shoe…..Mich. St. here and when we head to The land of the cheese heads…..that one game could very well be there game to decide the west !!!!!!!…….

Boy oh boy how the worm ridden apple turn huh….?…..So here we sit….0-3 with resurgent Perdue rolling into town and even though they had a rough couple of outings they have some REAL LEGIT playmakers on offense and their defense is tough…..not quite last year’s unit but they at least seem to get visably better each week……so make no mistakes…we have our work cut out for us…..we as a team badly need to win this game and stay healthy.

The psychology of the team has been shaken…..there is doubt where there shouldn’t be any and the best way to eliminate it once and for all is to have them stick to a game plan and win…..

I know how our schedule looks now….even with the off weekend now booked to play Bethune/Cookman …..these guys will get no break…..no off weekend to re charge their batteries….heal bumps and bruises….and in one way that’s good and in another way it’s bad…..but it’s the hand we have been dealt and we can’t just bow out of this hand….that happened far too much before and has got to stop and stop now.

I watched Frost’s demeanor in the Thursday Press mtg and he sure as heck didn’t look like a guy that was stressed out or worried about too much..

He smiled frequently and was fairly good humored when saying that every day of practice this week was good…..he didn’t and hasn’t said that in the past unless he felt confident so that makes me feel more comfortable.

I think we win a good game at home against a up and coming Perdue but as for the rest of the season…at this point who knows ……I do know this one thing…..next year will be a whole lot better than this and so on and so forth….why you ask…..

Because we have the absolute right guy at the right time where this can wind up being thee major sports story of this decade.

So enjoy the game Kate and I will be there because we are both Huskers to our very roots…..and we want most of all to be able to say….”We were there for the Huskers first win on the road to greatness under Head Coach Scott Frost.

Go Big Red……Stomp Perdue !


Doc n Kate….



Drunkard, Professional Gambler, Licensed Professional Hunting & Fishing Guide and Outfitter. Ex- University of Nebraska Football Player. Married my College Sweetheart Big Nose Kate.

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