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I was honored to be asked a few months ago in light of Solly’s passing to try and fill in his spot here in the Blog. The thinking behind their asking me is maybe I could offer some insight and even a different perspective of the Nebraska Cornhuskers Football team. So though I will never be able to take Solly’s spot I will do my absolute best to not embarrass his memory or this board of that you can be most sure.

So here we go….Lets start this off with a bang….lets have a look each week at each team we will face and look for some totally crazy little known fact or a truly amazing funny thing that might help put each team more into perspective…..so this weekend we have Northwestern coming to town to face our Huskers….I never got to play Northwestern out of the old big 10 when it was the Big 10 plus 1 ( Penn St.)…but, have seen where the very minute we arrived in the Big 10 all of a sudden we are no longer NU……now we’re just N …..what is that all about you might ask…..well it’s about Northwestern trying to bully Nebraska from the Get Go or feeling all intimidated so bad they had to throw a fit over it, see they fancied themselves the ONLY NU in the Big 10 Conference and it bugged them badly that Nebraska was admitted to the conference from day 1 rumor has it….mostly because they could be all stuffed shirt acting, thinking they are the one and only TRUE ….N.U……and right away threw a tremendous temper tantrum like most spoiled little lakeside, condo dwelling, rich kids will do…..and what is worse is it was all over the BTN network no less and I my dear wife Big Nosed Kate has a girl friend from college who works at BTN and she told us right away the complaints from NWU grads and the School itself started pouring in….they lit up the in coming call board like Christmas…Complaining  about the whole NU deal and how they could not call us or represent us anywhere during their programing as NU…..that right was reserved for Northwestern ( who really should be known as NWU ) but I digress….so with little fanfare and what I am told no actual discussion about it with us….all of a sudden they dropped the NU and now we’re just “N”……really ?……. c’mon man can’t the “brainiacs” at Northwestern come up with something better than that ?…..well the lakeside cry babies got their way and they are  known as NU and we are just N….. What irks me is we gave up ground we hadn’t even got a chance to step on yet…..lol.

Then next came the interview with their Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald…their coach was on a fund raising media / political types golf outing and said …”NEBRASKA is a pretty boring state”…..”They are excited to see Chicago” implying that we being nothing but Farmers and Ranchers don’t get out much  b and would be so thrilled to see a real big city like Chicago…..lol has this guy been living under a rock since the 70’s or what ??????he even went as far as to say he had asked a Illinois Senator to put the State Police on I-80 to block our fans from showing up at their home games against us because he knew there would be 3 husker fans to every Wildkitty fan and the stadium would sound more like a Nebraska home game than a Northwestern one….lol.

When said and done the only thing he got right was our fans travel well and we took over their place so in the end did he ever regret opening his big mouth….lol because his comments were front Page news here and our fans showed up in droves making him wish he had kept his teeth together….

Fast forward to NWU today in conference they sit at 3-2 same as us yet we are still ranked #2 in the West division behind Wisconsin….NWU has lost to Wisconsin, Penn St, and have had their last 2 games go into over time against Iowa and Michigan St. Both of which they won…against Iowa it took 1 overtime period and this last game against Michigan St. 3 over times to beat them…..also they rank first in red zone scoring in the entire Big 10 overall…..meaning once in the red zone they very VERY seldom come up empty-handed….can you guess where NEBRASKA is at ?……mid pack you say maybe…..nope we’re dead last out of all the teams in the entire Big 10 so we have our work cut out for us there for sure.

My keys to beating the Wildkittys of NWU     (man I get sick to death of hearing that cat snarl and growl Every time they even get a first down it’s a big deal and that da#@+*d cat comes over the loud speakers…..it just sounds so…..so high schoolish to me)……..lol any way we have to find our Mo-Jo and pen up Justin Jackson….even though he has had a quiet year while newcomers at Wisconsin and Ohio St have made headlines and of course Barkley at Penn St. gets his share of press coverage…..he is still a dangerous back and a good pass catching threat …..he knows what YAC is and how to get it…..so first we gotta hem him in tight….but also keep an eye on their NFL caliber QB Clayton Thorsen…..he can use his legs when he needs to get out of trouble plus he ain’t a bad thrower either so disrupting and containing him is the word of the day for Diaco’s/Parella’s bunch of Linemen.

Speaking of Thorsen,….we have got to find our juice in the secondary and put pressure on the NWU Receiver’s….if we let them run Willy Nilly…..it’s going to be a long afternoon for Nebraska…..so to recap…..Stuff the run and contain and control Thorsen and Jackson and play way better Defense in our secondary level.

For our keys to victory….WE GOTTA FIND A RUNNING GAME SOMEHOW…..and not waste any trips in the red zone….seeing young Brown kicking field goals from all over the field is cool and all but……it ain’t the way to beat a team like NWU.

Now they have actually improved as the season wears on where it seems we make good gains in some spots and take huge steps backward in others.

We have to score every opportunity we can create.or get inside the red zone….and watching Lee toss a nice tight spiral to Stanley in the end zone or finding Hoppes over the middle or lil Spielman on the edge is great but if we can’t produce some rush yardage this NWU Defense is too good they will tee off on Lee and maul him. Bottom line is the guys on the line gotta do their jobs young or not this is crunch time ball….they do it now or they might not even get a shot to play next year who knows ?…..oh well it’s gonna be a good game and  my prediction is it will wind up being one of 2 things…..another W for the Huskers or the final nail in the Mike Riley Experiment at Nebraska cause in my most humble opinion…..if we loose any game left on our schedule other than at Penn St. And even in that game we need to play Penn St. Tough…..I am perdy certain now Riley is done and a new man is on his way ..unless…..oh well that’s a post for another day.

See you all at the Game and remember…..don’t boo the players they deserve better than that….if you have to gripe…..do it through proper channels…..don’t direct your frustrations at the players…..they chose to come here to play for Nebraska and the greatest fans in College Football….let’s remind them that is who we really are and give them our support when they need it and remember to be good sports and treat the visitors good…..it’s another in a long list of reasons we are the best fans in College Football today.

See you all at the Stadium !

Go Big RED !

Thanks for reading,


P.S. be sure to watch for next week’s pre game look at Minnesota ….the home of P.J. Fleck ( Mr. Excitement himself ) and Goldie the Golden Gopher’s lol…..that alone is some funny stuff right there….Goldie indeed …roflmao…..oh and do I have some good nuggets about the Minnesota Football team……see you all Saturday!

Go Big RED or dead…..there is no in-between!



Drunkard, Professional Gambler, Licensed Professional Hunting & Fishing Guide and Outfitter. Ex- University of Nebraska Football Player. Married my College Sweetheart Big Nose Kate.
  • Sgt Red November 2, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks Doc for taking up the task of writing this. Great stuff!!

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