Times they are a Changing !

Hey Everyone,

Well it’s that time of year again and time once again for me to hopefully entertain you.

This first week however I feel it warranted to talk about just how fast the return to where we belong should take.

Most assume that since Coach Frost took a small team from obscurity to a perfect season in 2 seasons he should be able to do it faster here where we had some perdy good athlete’s to begin with…..well these last 2 games have proven that to be false now hasn’t it. To be right honest I don’t think the staff really expected to loose both of the past 2 games either….they might of had reservations about some of our conference schedule but I don’t think any of them had dreamed that our first game would get called due to weather…and we would loose to Colorado and get our starting QB hurt……then the next week come back and loose to last year’s Sun Belt Champion team….????really…..?…..

But those are the cards were dealt and now the job of even making a bowl game is an up hill battle in more ways than one…..so let’s look at this with a logical eye for a few minutes ok ?

First it became painfully clear to me at least that things might not be as Rosie in Huskerville as I would have liked to think…..as in the past when new coaching staffs take over there is always some cancer that hides it’s ugly head and pretends to be one thing when underneath it’s still the same old hateful, nasty, cancer just waiting for the right time to strike……well some of that has shown itself again and rightfully so….those who are that way got called out……and hopefully put down by those on the team who are willing to walk the walk…..not just talk the talk…..that’s the way it has got to be…..Coaches can only do so much then the rest is up to the individual Players to get hold of things themselves…..have they ?…….will they ?…..a road trip to the Big House to face the Wolverines is not the ideal place to find out but we have no control over that now do we ?

Get this people…..Scott Frost and his Staff are not going anywhere for quite some time ok…..this Coach and this Change had to happen if we ever hope to be great again …….can’t the doubters who I have noticed coming out of their hiding places….get that through their thick skulls ? Look basic math says it’s been how many years since Solich was fired…..and we faced this onslaught of guys who thought they knew what was best for the University of NEBRASKA Football program…..when that had already been worked out by Coach’s Osborne and Solich……the formula to make Nebraska a winner had already been proven several times and the research into every other possible scenario has been proven to fail……and fail miserably…..and sadly all at our expense….the average ticket buying, Jersey wearing, Husker gear buying fan…..look we were a tiny little sliver away from falling into total obscurity….you know the place I mean……where your home sell out streak comes to a sad end…..where you no longer see every kid from one end of the state to the other and top to bottom….NOT…..Want to pretend they were Nebraska’s starting QB in grade school playground football games…..neighborhood after school vacant lot games of 7 on 7…..where people park their Husker tailgate party mobiles rather than drive them to Lincoln to sit outside the stadium and party with other like-minded fans….where Husker Battle Flags no longer get run up the flag pole on game day Saturday’s and instead are packed away in some box like old faded picture albums from……”the good old days”…….and forgotten to fade and yellow with age……and last but not least…..the one where you no longer see people standing in a line for hours to get the autograph of a 19 years old kid who has never played a snap of college football yet……that my dear friends and fellow Huskers is how close we were to falling into that old box destined for a shelf in some basement storage area…..that was till The Native Son returned to help us rise again to the way things should be done.

Nobody ever told us anywhere I can find this was going to be easy….I think maybe Coach Frost winning all those awards and things he did in Florida …(where they grow speedy football players on trees like Oranges by the way)…was going to instantly translate into winning the Big 10 west and getting into the playoffs as an automatic bid……sure those dreams are great but something like that only happens every once in a while ……and besides I was always taught anything worth having …..was worth working for.

Maybe this will yet become a very special season…..it’s long from over you know….but whatever happens it’s for the best……for our future and beyond….once we do get things back where they should be I dunno an about you all but I want them to stay that way and be sustainable for years to come.

This is the picture we need to see in front of us…..there are always gonna be the haters and negativity but use that as fuel if you can’t just ignore it….this will get turned around by this staff…..I know it’s going to happen….no I don’t wanna wait forever but I am more than willing to give this staff way more leeway than the others who tried to do it their way……here there is only one way…..the right way……The NEBRASKA way….

Now you all know my feelings and where I stand….I’m not asking for those who are upset not to voice their opinions either….just more asking to give these guys and this staff a fighting chance…..support them whenever and however you can….this didn’t get this screwed up overnight there is no reason to expect it to fix itself overnight either.

Have a decent amount of patience here…..we do have the right plan and right people to implement that plan in place…..just take a breath and try being positive instead of negative…..it might just rub off on you and who knows you might be one of the Football teams biggest supporters going forward. This mess that this staff inherited was not of their making…..don’t blame them when the few pieces left from previous failed Experiments cause this bunch problems…..99.9% of the ones causing problems (and we all know there are some still doing it) will get out, move on, or be dealt with by the team itself….so relax and enjoy the ride…..things like we are about to be part of only come around once in a lifetime so enjoy…..I know I am.

Doc Holiday & Big Nose Kate (though my cute little wife does not have a big nose )…..

Go Big Red…..


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