It’s here at last…..IOWA Is coming to town

Some how with everything that is supposed to happen after this Black Friday game doing my normal blog just didn’t seem to be fitting.

Picking on Iowa just don’t seem to matter and It just doesn’t feel right does it ? Here we are sitting with a loosing record that hasn’t been equaled since forever of 4-7and now Iowa just bowl eligible at 6-5….kinda puts a damper on the whole rivalry thing now don’t it ?.

Not really…..they are still Iowa, Kirk Ferret and his big mouth son, who now runs the offense by the way…..still can’t keep their traps shut giving us no shortage of pre-game billboard Material to help fan the fire of a rivalry.

Let’s look at some of the stuff that’s been done to help fire up the Huskers over the years…..Bill Callahan had a stuffed Buffalo head hung in the locker room before the game with Colorado and we went out and beat the snot out of them.

Colorado was rumored to of had several of their Defensive Line men get off the plane carrying huge industrial pipe cutters when our O line was known as “The Pipeline” though just a ruse thought up by none other than Brendan Stai to motivate his fellow linemen… must have worked cause they blew the Buff’s right out of Memorial Stadium that day.

Over the years there has been many rivals come and gone, none more hated and respected in the same breath as Oklahoma….don’t let what some people say about how we thought it was more of a rivalry than they did and how Texas was their true and only rival…..

If you talk to as many Oklahoma fans over the years as I have, you will see real fast that the average Oklahoma fan on the street felt the exact same about Nebraska as a rival as we felt about Oklahoma…Respected and Hated all in the same breath.

This time of year brings many memories to mind…..of days so cold and clear your breath would freeze right in front of your face when you exhaled…..cold so far below zero that even with the best cold weather gear the fans would suffer Frost bite to fingers and toes but still there was not an empty seat in the Stadium if Oklahoma was in town….

Then came the Big 12 and Colorado was served up as the after Thanksgiving sacrificial meal… never developed into the rival Colorado wanted, but still it was better than no Black Friday at all….

One interesting fact of late is how our 2 most recent opponents both have a significant amount of BLACK in their uniform……you do wonder if this is meant as a little help for them ?…

No matter, here lately the Black Friday tradition has lost some of it’s luster and meaning…..Riley & Eichorst neither one wanted to embrace the tradition of the game and that just didn’t make sense, honestly it is great recruiting tool since it’s a prime time country wide telecast….and if Nebraska can ever get free from the Coaching revolving doors and dominate Iowa both home and away¬† each year on Black Friday…it can be huge for the recruiting of the local kids, and as anybody who knows Nebraska Football can tell you…..we’ve got to have a strong local group of homegrown kids every year if we’re going to survive and grow within the Big 10 footprint and yes this means drawing kids from any surrounding state relative to Nebraska’s geographic location…..Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri not to mention Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Utah and yes even Oklahoma and Michigan need to be in that area as well as North Texas….

You see we used to get a great group of walk on players from those states because we had Coaches in those areas who felt welcome at NEBRASKA then but sadly The Coaches we hired after Frank Solich didn’t keep up with those relationships and they fell by the wayside along with a sizeable group of “Other things Coach Osborne built to help sustain and propel us forward. These things MUST BE REBUILT IF WE WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL

This has been a rough past 3-4 years….and this game has come to stand for the end of an era and hope for new instead of where do we go bowling or WHO are we going to her to play.

Make no mistake here We fell alot farther in the national respect Dept. than you might think…’s going to take as long or longer to truly get back to where we deserve to be mentioned every year in the top 25 or 10 teams in America at the start that of each season,

You know you have earned your spot when your expected to be among the top 25 teams in the country each and every season

And the only way to deserve that is to win the games your supposed to win and a good share of the ones you are not expected to win like bowl games where we are picked to be a dog.

So here we are once again, same spot we were in 3 short years ago waiting for the other shoe to drop…..who will lead us forward into 2018 and beyond ?

Will it be the favorite native son Scott Frost or will The Moos pull a rabbit out of his hat and shock us all ?

Right now conventional wisdom says it’s Scott Frost…..but what if Frost turns us down and The Moos has to grab for #2 on his list… that guy going to embrace who NEBRASKA is ? Or are we going to wind up with yet another Square Peg into a Round Hole guy that thinks he can come in here and shove change down our throats yet again….

Oh well the time is drawing ever so close now and soon we will know for sure what is what and who is who…

One things for sure this hire has, without a doubt, the most hanging on it of any hire made since Solich was named as Osborne’s replacement….we were in great hands then, we just didn’t have the guys we needed to make sure we kept moving in a proper direction…. the trio of Pres.Hank Bounds, Chancellor Ronnie Green and A.D. a.k.a “The Moos” has got to get this one right…..we have got to get the absolute right guy this time or it could be the beginning of the end of life as we know it.

From Kate and I to all of you and your families we wish you a fantastic Thanksgiving Holiday and may God Bless each and everyone of you.



Red !

Doc n Kate.




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