It’s Minne-sota time !

Well Fellow Huskers it’s been a biz-zay week for speculation and the rumor mill is humming right along…..kinda getting to be old hat at this stuff by now aren’t we ?

Here in the last couple 3 days has been the war of words between our Current D.C. and the one he replaced….and all over tackling and the money spent to teach the players how to “Rugby Tackle” of all things….
Seems to me maybe they should just keep their teeth together and teach our guys how to tackle period….what Irks me the most is how to tackle is one of the most basic lessons one can learn and teach but also one of the most important.
In my opinion.

The money is spent is ridiculous but it’s done and gone, and our guys are still arm Tackling or trying to give the ball carrier the old WWE Body Cross Body Block to knock them down ( Wich by the way does not work period unless your in the WWE)….or just plain old whiffing on tackles….anyhow I would much rather see and hear them use their time to actually TEACH HOW TO MAKE A PERFECT FORM TACKLE than to hear the he said she said crap that’s been flying around….sheesh… be a Blackshirt and tackle the way these guys do SOMETIMES I would be so ashamed I would hand mine in till I deserved to wear it..
We would of had our shirt yanked in a heartbeat for some of the stuff you see the same guys do over and over.

It’s a real bone of contention amongst my Blackshirt Brothers…the whole Blackshirt Tradition has been nearly wiped out….and people don’t have a clue what was involved in getting to wear one….it was never yours by the way… was awarded to you for outstanding work in Practice and during games… had to show first you were worthy of wearing it then show why to keep it each and every practice and game….at least I know it meant something then…..ever wonder if that type of attitude is a big part of what’s missing today ???…….I don’t wonder, I know it is.

Well one can only hope the coaches wise up and get back to some basic football 101 for crying in a Bucket.

We now come to a big fork in the road…..Nebraska is sitting at 4 wins against 5 losses over all and last week we loose to NWU in OT…… which I did warn that was something they were used to doing and were good at winning. I also said we needed to avoid playing close with them and win that game outright but it is what it is….now we face the very real possibility of not even making a Bowl!

Now I know that’s disappointing to a lot of us but maybe it’s what we need to make some folks sit up and take notice that a change is needed to return to where we belong. ?

So now we move on to Minnesota to play P.J. Fleck and his group of boat rowing Golden Gopher’s….in their house.

We know it’s gonna be a chilly hostile environment but this is a game that we should win easily…..Minnesota is in the midst of a makeover and have gone to a spread option game where they run the ball way more than throw it and when they do toss it they are let’s face it really bad….so our Defense had better come with a down n dirty attitude and get those hands up when their QB does drop back to pass …..we might see multiple interceptions in this game if we can stuff their running game .
Last week we did a tiny bit better ourselves at running against a good ball stuffing Defense, but we have to be way WAY better at it than last week…..and Tanner Lee took 2 steps back in my opinion he rushed some throws and just plain made some bad decisions on the picks he threw….so we got to clean that up.

My keys to a win are simple this week……. control the ball, run the ball and then run it some more….control the clock and play outstanding Defense and it should put us @ 500 with Penn St and Iowa to come…..and both those 2 remaining games are going to be tough…..just for the record in case your wondering where I stand…..YES having a non bowl eligible season will most definitely suck though in all reality this team has yet to show me they even deserve a bowl trip…..not that we couldn’t use the extra practice time but seriously……we need to turn out total attention to getting Nebraska back where it belongs in College Football and do it danged quick……again just my opinion.

In the “If you hadn’t noticed Dept” is it just me or has the media types started to print and post and talk more about the end of season drama that might or might not unfold in Lincoln concerning our head Coaching Position ??? Also the PRO Scott Frost for Head Replacement seems to have been significantly turned up a couple of notches ??????? Just my own observation you understand but I did a little research on the subject and you would be surprised by the total amount of STUFF put out by said media types prior to a change being made…..My observation here stems from the Question….
What Happened to Fair and Impartial reporting of the news…..just food for thought here, no axe to grind, just my observation of unfolding events…..

Remember to check in next week for my special Penn State edition… will be a doozy I promise……here is a little hint… starts off with a out of bounds catch that was by today’s standards with Instant replay……CLEARLY OUT OF FREAKING BOUNDS !……



Oh yeah I should put this out there too …..
Disclaimer : The opinions and viewpoints expressed here within this Blog in no way represents the opinions of the Forum Board , it’s owners or it’s members…..I am the only jerk responsible for what comes rolling off my finger tips. I am not prejudiced…..I dislike everyone equally…..but a tiny bit more when it comes to Miami, Florida State, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State College Football Teams….they are the top of my list of Teams I Most like Beating…


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  • HuskerVotary November 10, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Man, I hope you’re right, and we win this game. Jeez we need it. Same time, I don’t know how we conjure the running game you wanna see, and I worry about which QB shows up — “Smart Tanner” or “Panic Tanner”.

    Anyway, GBR!! Beat Minnesota!

  • Charlie November 10, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Another great article Doc! Can’t wait to see the next one.

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