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Just so you all know….I actually started writing this on Friday because we have clients coming in for a hunt this next week and Kate and I will be very busy but I thought a few quick thoughts would be appropriate.

So we have hired Scott Frost as our New Head Coach….in my honest, yet humble opinion this was a very SMART move by President Hank Bounds, Chancellor Ronnie Green and Mostly our Athletic Director “The Moos” (Bill Moos)…. below here you will see my reasons numbered from #1 being what I feel most important, to the last one being no less important but……just not AS Important as the ones before it.

#1) my number one reason that hiring Scott Frost was so important is… I have said before….he can and will unite the entire Husker Nation like it was when Coach Osborne was here…..and that one seemingly simple thing will make The Huskers VERY DANGEROUS !….so much in fact that other teams will actually fear the date circled in red on the calendar when the game is to be played…..but now instead of them circling it because they think it will be a good win for them or any other such reason….it will be because win or loose….they are going to get beat up physically as well as mentally.

We will accomplish this because we will have earned national respect by how we play, how physical we play but yet have the look of a disciplined team ….but also based on how we respond or counterpunch other teams after they have given us their very best.

Nothing will crush a teams will to¬† compete faster than facing a team that just keeps coming, with each snap of the ball we get stronger, hit harder and run faster….. while in the 4th qtr. They are wore out, out of gas, beat to a pulp and just ready for it to be over…were still coming right at the very heart of them.

#2) We will return to the type of football we are used to around here…..Tough, Disciplined, Hard-nosed, Down hill running the ball and quick accurate play action passing from a Quarterback who is anything but a statue in the pocket, daring you to hit him….trust me here having to run sideline to sideline for all 4 quarters wears you ragged in a hurry.

Our Quarterbacks of the future will have the ability to beat you lots of ways…..not only will they be able to beat you with their feet but they will be accurate play action passers who treat each game as if they were playing in a vacant lot somewhere. The return of the option play will get a standing ovation I promise you.

#3) We all want to see a huge resurgence of the infamous BLACK SHIRTS .

To once again be like a true force of Nature….a moving unstoppable mass of men who want nothing more than to stomp a mud hole in the other teams behinds only to come back and tromp it Dry.

I really liked “The Moos’s” statement he made after the announcement about Coach Riley’s dismissal….”Offense puts fans in the seats….but Defense wins Championships”….that tells me that he as well as all my Blackshirt Brothers will be watching that part of the Huskers return to Prominence begins.

We have to exercise patience though because we are not new to the Coaching Change BIDNESS….sadly anymore….were actually perdy good at seeing what will and will not work out …so till we see for ourselves what the “New” Blackshirt 3-4 Defense will play like we need to give these new guys all the help and leeway they need….then if things don’t show improvement we can start to fire up the war drums. The traditions of unity and purpose need to be a big part of the Defense even more so….a United Defense with all it’s parts working at top speed is a true thing of beauty….

#4). Last is special teams play……I believe that this is a huge part of the game that often gets overlooked by some. It’s one more opportunity to score points or at the least get your offense into great short field position and conversely put their Offense in terrible position and have to at the very least drive the length of the field. We have too long just fair caught the ball….way too many times when the other team out kicks it’s coverage we just gotta make them pay….either with a quick 6 points or at the very least very short field for our Offense…..Coach Osborne was very detail oriented and I know Coach Frost will be the same…’s a good feeling to see your staff try and maximize the obvious.


Above here are my main reasons that hiring Frost was a good deal for us both….I am not as worried about things as I was either….

When We got the letterman invite to help welcome Scott home….there were feelings of what if and great excitement from front to back……..seeing that weight room full of Husker greats like “the Grimm Reaper” Grimminger and Eric Crouch…..old… and historically greats… opps , smiles and cheers even a few fat guy jokes…. Friends old and new…..all United behind one common goal….make our Cornhuskers great again…..and I know history will say years from now….this Hire was the most important since Bob Devaney.




Doc Holiday.




Drunkard, Professional Gambler, Licensed Professional Hunting & Fishing Guide and Outfitter. Ex- University of Nebraska Football Player. Married my College Sweetheart Big Nose Kate.
  • Charlie December 5, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Thanks Doc and thanks for all the great posts this season. Solly would have been proud.

  • Roger December 6, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Yes absolutely, Thank you Doc, never get tired of reading your posts and comments. And to second it as well, “Solly would have been proud!.”

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