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Husker notes: Bray says linebackers are making strides; Freedom’s role in new defense and more more info
NU punter Caleb Lightbourn years ahead of last season, responding to approach of new Husker coaches more info
NU defensive back Chris Jones walking, not near return from knee injury more info
Recruiting: Nebraska pursuing several 500-mile radius defensive targets for its 2018 class more info
Bob Diaco coaching from press box is a change from past Nebraska defensive coordinators more info
Huskers' Dicaprio Bootle pushing for big role; small corner likes ‘beating up receivers’ more info
McKewon: With Adidas deal and coming Big Ten windfall, A.D. Shawn Eichorst has vision for Huskers’ future more info
Husker sophomore Mohamed Barry works to master inside linebacker role so instincts take over more info
Former Husker pitcher Aaron Bummer earns first major league win in White Sox triumph over Royals more info
Former Husker Alex Lewis out for 2017 NFL season, will undergo shoulder surgery more info
Four-star WR Manuel Allen decommits from NU, chooses Louisville more info
Rapid Reaction: Conrad locks down center spot; o-line struggles; Lindsey dazzles more info
Rapid reaction: Stille receives praise from Diaco, Barry's role with the defense, tough Riley more info
Driving for 6: NU's drama-free camp encouraging; here comes BTN; Ozigbo backs up words more info
Rapid reaction: Riley changes tune on Gebbia redshirt; TEs draw praise; Tre Bryant back more info
Rapid reaction: Ferguson draws praise; Diaco talks tackling in American football; and Newell adjusts to new role more info
Burroughs gives inspirational talk at Buffalo Bills camp more info
Driving for 6: NU secondary standing tall; Bookie making folks fidgety; Jaylin Bradley on rise? more info
Ex-Husker Enunwa to miss what set up as another big season for him more info
Rapid reaction: Riley says Huskers hit some nice runs in 86-play scrimmage more info
How a Husker Lineman Became a Well-Known FBI Agent more info
Offense Continues to Progress more info
BTN Bus Tour Rolls into Lincoln more info
Husker Notes: Akinmoladun Ready to Rush more info
Defense Brings Confidence in 3-4 Scheme more info
Nebraska Regents approve 11-year, $128 million adidas partnership more info
Half-century-old streak broken after Nathan Gerry only Husker drafted more info
Purdue boils over in 15-9 loss to Nebraska more info
Two Huskers face marijuana possession charges more info
Huskers eliminated from Big Ten tournament after doubleheader losses more info
Huskers fall to No. 3 seed Yale in first round of Corvallis Regional more info
Predicting Nebraska’s season record, an update on Huskers’ recruiting class, and more more info
Former Nebraska star Jordan Westerkamp waived by Miami Dolphins more info
Nebraska football: Fall camp like Groundhog Day, but Bob Diaco sees improvement more info
Nebraska CB Chris Jones has decision to make, but NFL draft scout sees no need to rush more info
Nebraska’s Bob Diaco: Defense will be ‘in and out of both’ 4-3 and 3-4 alignments more info
Nebraska CB Chris Jones faces redshirt decision, Big Ten Network visits Huskers practice, and more more info
Try not to laugh at these weird quotes from Nebraska DC Bob Diaco more info
Nebraska punter Caleb Lightbourn finds consistency with Bob Diaco’s help more info
Nebraska basketball full schedule, dates, games announced more info
Nebraska’s Bob Diaco brings consistency and weird quotes, Big Ten announces Huskers’ basketball schedule, and more more info
Nebraska regents approve 11-year, $128 million Adidas deal more info
Huskers' Jaevon McQuitty is out for season, 2 other receivers hurt more info
Prospects show off official offers across social media more info
Florida marijuana charge against Nebraska's Stanley Morgan Jr. dropped more info
Tom Osborne giving up his stadium skybox, says Huskers should sell it more info
Five storylines to watch at Big Ten media days more info
Cornhuskers' Chris Jones has knee surgery, out 4-6 months more info
Nebraska WR Keyshawn Johnson Jr. pleads not guilty to pot charges more info
Bob Elliott dies at age 64; spent 38 years as college assistant more info The online resource for every Big Husker Fan.

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  • Black Friday, Bloody Sunday - A New BHF Editorial by Mark Solomon

    Black Friday, Bloody Sunday - A New BHF Editorial by Mark Solomon

    On a cold, gray Friday, the day after Thanksgiving,...
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  • Sad Day for

    Sad Day for

    As I small memorial to our departed friend I have I re-published...
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  • Black Friday Red Tag Special - New BHF Editorial by Mark Solomon

    Black Friday Red Tag Special - New BHF Editorial by Mark Solomon

    “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” – Mark Twain, 1906

    Twain sent this characteristically-pithy retort via cable from London to the press in the United States after he’d caught wind of his obituary having been erroneously published in several newspapers back home.

    He’d persist for several more years, passing away in 1910. He’d quipped that he’d arrived with Halley’s Comet in 1835, and that he’d be both surprised and disappointed if he didn’t depart with it, as well.

    Sure enough, he died the day after the Comet’s closest approach to the Earth, April 21st, 1910. Talk about calling your shot! The point is that the press is far from infallible, and what makes for a sensational lede in a newspaper isn’t worth much if the underlying facts are incorrect or incomplete. (2016 has been quite a year for demonstrating the truth of that assertion). For the last week, following Nebraska’s blue-collar dispatching of Maryland in Lincoln, most of the media has been declaring the Huskers’ impen...
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  • Memorial for Solly

    Memorial for Solly

    I want to extend my appreciation to everyone for the...
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  • The Long, Dark Path Back to the Light - New BHF Editorial by Mark Solomon

    The Long, Dark Path Back to the Light - New BHF Editorial by Mark Solomon

    The Long, Dark Path Back to the Lig...
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  • Closing Ranks - New BHF Editorial by Mark Solomon

    Closing Ranks - New BHF Editorial by Mark Solomon

    “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead.”
    1. Henry V, Act III, by William Shakespeare
    The battle rages all around, and comrades and foes alike fall all about you. But the line must hold, or all will be lost, so you do the only thing you can; you fill the hole with the next available able bodies, and as they fall, the next. And the next. At some point, the bodies aren’t so able, but they still step forward, some grimly, some with an odd serenity, some even with a smile…because it’s duty. It’s dedication to something larger than themselves. Something worth the risk, the pain, the sacrifice. Oftentimes, the sacrifice of the fallen themselves creates the motivation for the living to fill the breach and fight on, so that their sacrifice will not have been in vain. With few exceptions, history richly rewards the peoples or countries whose best shone through when things were at their worst, those who fought on from battle to battle until the greater war was won, be ...
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  • Burn the Film…Burn the Boats. New BHF Editorial by Mark Solomon

    Burn the Film…Burn the Boats. New BHF Editorial by Mark Solomon

    Well…that didn’t go very well. Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer, after striding off the field following a 62-3 shellacking of Nebraska, stated flatly during his postgame press conference, “I didn’t see this coming.”, and “That’s not what we saw on film.”. He wasn’t referring to the outstanding athleticism and very sound execution from his own Buckeyes, which had been on display all evening long, as they laid ruin to a heart-wrenchingly-hapless Husker squad. He was talking about the sheer ineptitude, incompetence, and, sadly, hopelessness that bled from every pore of the NU team, as they stood like a deer in the headlights while OSU went up and down the field at will…all…night…long. 11 of 15 on third down conversions, plus 1 for 1 on fourth down – that’s 12 of 15 drives where NU’s defense couldn’t seal the deal – ZERO punts, 37:18 time of possession, 86 plays, 590 yards of total offense, 6 trips into the red zone, six scores, one long, debilitating “explosive” play after another, and, again, SIXTY-TWO POINTS. And that was just the offense. Two pick-sixes by the Buckeye defense – one on the very first NU offensive series of the game, adde...
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  • Five (or so) Wishes for 2014

    Five (or so) Wishes for 2014

    Bryan Smith
    1. 1804 for Ameer! Maybe my top wish for the 2014 season is a healthy and memorable season for senior running back Ameer Abdullah. If you remember, Ameer was a late addit
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  • Back and There Again, then Forward Unto Dawn

    Back and There Again, then Forward Unto Dawn

    2013 was supposed to be a special season for the University of Nebraska football team. It was touted as being a “breakthrough” season, where Nebraska won its way back into the national conversation. A fourth-year and All-Conference quarterback leading an offense littered with proven receivers, and All-Conference caliber running back, and an offensive live anchored by a pre-season All-American would put up points, allowing a young-but-athletic defense time and room to grow. The schedule was favorable, with Ohio State and Wisconsin looming only as potential opponents in Indianapolis the first Saturday in December. Well, two broken bones in that quarterback’s foot in the first game made the hill quite a bit steeper, as two more weeks of striving to play on that foot led to additional microfractures, and injuries to his shoulder and abdomen finally added up to a premature end to a career that had seemed destined to end on a high note. Then, one of those proven receivers had a hamstring go chronic on him, then suffered what’s been described as a partial tear of the calf muscle on the other leg. His season didn’t end, but it went on a 9-game hiatus...
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  • Words Fail

    Words Fail

    We don’t live in a two-dimensional world, and life seldom moves in straight lines. Sometimes, words simply fail to adequately express all the facets of a given experience, and that’s hardly surprising. You see, we rely on things other than conscious thought in processing all that we see. In fact, it’s the more primal perceptions that create the most indelible impressions. That’s where we get terms like “gut feeling” and “heartsick”. It’s that ache y...
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3:30 PM @ Oregon
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