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Thread: Nebraska at Penn State - Friday

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    Nebraska at Penn State - Friday

    5:30 p.m. start, same website for free streaming. Trying to put that nightmare last night behind me, I can't imagine what the team must be thinking :| Purdue finishes off game 1, 5-2, and starts up their second game at 1:30 p.m. to be followed presumably 45 minutes thereafter by game 3. Not sure if playing 2+ games in 1 day benefits one team or another, but here's hoping for a Purdue sweep just because.

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    So, Nebraska, Minnesota and Michigan all lose game 1 of their series. Does any team really deserve to win the title?

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    Minnesota lost twice today. We control our destiny.

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    They didn't just lose, they got blasted. 5-2 in game 1, 11-1 in game 2. I'm not even sure Purdue won't sweep them.

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    Burkamper tries to hand Penn State some runs in the 1st, but mercifully fails. Top of the 2nd, 0-0. Nebraska went down in order with 2 strike outs. Flat and uninspired in the first, JUST what I wanted to see

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    If you need to know who's where.

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    Miller walks.

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    Roskam Ks, 1 out.
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    Alvarado Ks quickly. 2 outs. OMG.
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    Wilkening does K, inning over. Bottom of the 2nd, 0-0.


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