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Thread: UC Riverside vs. Nebraska - Friday (doubleheader)

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    UC Riverside vs. Nebraska - Friday (doubleheader)

    The rumors are true, it is baseball season, despite what that idiot groundhog said 2 weeks ago. Idiot. The first game of this 4-game series starts at 2 p.m. Central, no video streaming, audio only so either take your radio to work or download the Tune-In app or whatever it's called and get paid to be unproductive, like me. has a series preview up. I didn't know Riverside's mascot was a Highlander, so dust off your Scottish accents and pimp suits.

    and I don't give 2 sh*ts if Connery didn't play an actual Highlander, I haven't got around to actually watching that crap yet.

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    NU lineup:

    Jake Meyers CF
    Scott Schreiber DH
    Ben Miller 1B
    Jesse Wilkening C
    Alex Raburn SS
    Jake Schleppenbach 2B
    Luis Alvarado LF
    Ben Klenke RF
    Angelo Altavilla 3B
    Matt Waldron P

    Live Stats

    Live audio (will be available whenever pregame starts.)

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    What happened to the right fielder that looked like a Viking? I haven't checked the roster; I just assumed he was still around.

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    Dilday was his name. Fun name.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by busticket View Post
    Dilday was his name. Fun name.....
    He's gone, but on the plus side Nebraska does now have a player whose first name is Mojo.

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    4-3 final in favor of Riverside, one inning with 4 unearned runs did it, as well as Alvarado being stranded at third after a leadoff double. Credit to UC-R's relief pitcher though, he's very good and will probably not be available for the rest of the series, so that's nice. Game 2 starts somewhere between 5:10 and 5:15.

    And here is the NU lineup for that game:

    Jake Meyers CF
    Scott Schreiber DH
    Ben Miller 1B
    Luis Alvarado LF
    Luke Roskam 3B
    Alex Raburn SS
    Jake Schleppenbach 2B
    Brady Childs C
    Mojo Hagge RF
    Paul Tillotson P

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    All right, no score so far, Tillotson just retired his 9th in a row (and that's all he's faced). Top of the 4th.

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    Miller strikes out swinging, 1 out. Lot of strike outs today so far, for whatever that's worth (hard to tell on day 1).

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    Alvarado and Roskam are both retired, bottom of the 4th, 0-0.


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