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Thread: N! - Cameron Jurgens - TE/LB ****

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    N! - Cameron Jurgens - TE/LB ****

    Cameron Jurgens
    Beatrice, NE
    Beatrice High School
    Tight End / Linebacker
    6'3 | 230
    Rivals: (#75 Overall)
    Scout: (#146 Overall)
    ESPN: (#191 Overall)
    247: (#53 Overall)
    Comp: .9536 (#100 Overall)

    Invited to BRW and FNL. Expects to get an offer soon, which is crazy for a 2018 kid from Beatrice. All reports are he was the best player at the skills camp yesterday and it was by a very large margin
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    State champ as a frosh in track and field. Will be a national recruit. Big time frame.

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    Based on some pics and his older brother's size, I would estimate this kid to be around 6'5'' or 6'6'' and 250ish pounds by his junior season in high school. He has a thick frame, large shoulders, long legs, and a wide stature (a good thing for an elite TE).

    His freshman film shows better football IQ for a young kid on offense.

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    Is he coming this Friday for another camp to compete for an offer?

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    He is coming to friday night lights and BRW, not sure if it is this weekends or next however
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    So much growth potential for this kid. Really like the long arms for the potential to become an elite TE. Will be interesting to see how soon he gets an offer and how he continues to develop throughout high school.

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    My guess is within 48 hours
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    This borders on amazing.

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    Need to get his commitment before Michigan, Ohio St, Alabama, and others come hard for him and they quite possibly will depending on whether he go to camps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nebraskafaninwi View Post
    State champ as a frosh in track and field. Will be a national recruit. Big time frame.
    A freshman with those track & field results is definitely a big-time athlete.


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