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Sat, 25 Feb 2017 18:55:24 -0600 BigHuskerFan.com Recent Content from BigHuskerFan.com http://bighuskerfan.com/vbbs Fri, 30 Dec 2016 01:14:00 -0600 The Long, Dark Path Back to the Light - New BHF Editorial by Mark Solomon <i><img src="http://bighuskerfan.com/vbbs/attachment.php?attachmentid=889&amp;d=1382587537" border="0" alt="Name: msolomon60x80.jpg Views: 135 Size: 7.6 KB" class="thumbnail" style="float:CONFIG" /></i><div style="margin-left:40px"><i> <br /> “Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser. Americans play to win all the time. That's why Americans have never lost and will never lose a war. The very thought of losing is hateful to Americans. Battle is the most significant competition in which a man can indulge. It brings out all that is best and it removes all that is base.”<br /> </i></div><div style="margin-left:120px"><font http://bighuskerfan.com/vbbs/content.php?204-The-Dark-Path-Back-to-the-Light-New-BHF-Editorial-by-Mark-Solomon http://bighuskerfan.com/vbbs/content.php?204-The-Dark-Path-Back-to-the-Light-New-BHF-Editorial-by-Mark-Solomon